“They Can Take Care of Themselves”

“Honey, you don’t have to stick up for the nuns. They can take care of themselves.”, my husband said it to me as we walked to the snack bar.

It was our anniversary and we went out for dinner and a movie: Father Stu.

The small group of sisters who were in line ahead of us were waiting for one more and one asked, “If you see another woman dressed like this (pointing to her habit) please point her this way.”

They left and we walked up to buy our tickets.

I was all gussied up for this special anniversary night complete with heels and a pretty white lace dress, which was a bit shorter and more fitted than I usually rock, but I was dressed to impress my date.😉❤🤭

The kid behind the counter stared at the nuns, scoffed and said to us, “Oh man, I hope they’ll be okay in there. Its a comedy, right? Isn’t this movie supposed to be a joke?”

Looks can be deceiving but Catholic means universal. Faith is for everyone.

I said of the nuns “Don’t worry about them, they’re probably tougher than any of us.” We explained that the movie was a biography and based off of a real person’s life and the kid behind the counter said,

“Oh….Is this what your going to see?”

Admit two please! 🤣🤣

The confused look on his face was priceless.

Just us and the nuns off to see an R rated movie about a Catholic priest.
Nothing unusual here🤷‍♀️🤣

I know there are lots of opinions about the film and though I would have changed a few moments, it wasn’t my story!

Overall I found it raw and real, moving and inspiring. The whole audience laughed and cringed and cried.

It showed the that you don’t have to be perfect to start your journey of faith, or stay perfect to continue it.

Its not like a typical faith based film which means it can reach a not necessarily faith based audience.

The truth us that holiness often looks more like the cha cha than a straight ascent, try as we may, and our mistakes don’t disqualify us, hence Confession.

Though not to be abused since a contrite heart is a prerequisite to recieving God’s pardon through the sacrament.

But God can and will forgive us when we fall. He wants to put us upright and back on track.

Like the film illustrates, God can call us when we least expect it. He meets us where we are.

Just look at the heroes of the Bible, read the lives of the Saints. All He ever has to work with are imperfect people.

He loves us despite.

We don’t do anyone any favors pretending we are better than we are. We need to bring more realness to faith by being open about our struggles and failures, in order to meet others in their own.

If we compare our walk with a projected image that doesn’t tell the whole story, when things get real we may think we’re doing it wrong.

But life is messy and faith is a battle.
We just have to keep on fighting.

If God has a sense of humor, so should we. Its healthy to be able to poke fun at the human and struggle we live each day.

And my husband was right, the nuns don’t need me to stick up for them. But I always will.

Because who the world may see as only docile and meek, I know are also mighty champions of virtue, heroic brides of Christ and warriors of prayer who chose a life of constant battle.

Looks can be deceiving but Catholic means universal. Faith is for everyone.

A Saint is just a sinner who never gives up.

We are all a thread in God’s great, living tapestry.

How bland it would be if we were all the same!

Did you see the movie? What did you think of it? What did you like about it? What would you have changed? Share your take in the comments!

❤ Cait

Reclaiming Joy: A Series


Family life and all that comes with it is a happy, busy, mess. There are
so many spinning plates: people to chase, chores to do, appointments to keep and a hundred little fires to put out throughout your day.

Throw in spiritual practice, work, self care, time for your relationships and any other projects and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Intention and attitude is everything while managing family dynamics, home making, school, errands and performing mundane tasks. If you’re not making a conscious effort to find joy in your daily life, it can be easily lost in endless responsibilities that can  feel like drudgery without it. 

I have been crushed by these weights before, of comparison, of
resentment, but I’ve learned to catch on early and pull myself out of the muck before I’m stuck! 2020 was a tough year for many, so I’m excited to share how I recharge, reset and reclaim some of what was lost.   

I don’t mean for this series to be advice or counsel, I’m just sharing the wholistic approach I take to find and maintain balance in all areas of my life (or at least try!) 

Join me each week as we dive in and discuss how we’re Reclaiming Joy

❤ Cait

We Are an Easter People

This Lenten season started like any other for Catholics. We buried the Alleluia, celebrated somber Masses & began our fasting. With Churches all over simplifying decor, drawing nearer to Gethsemane. We are making our way through the desert when we hear the news that the pandemic sweeping across the globe is upon us.

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All Things New

Come now, let us set things right, says the Lord: Though your sins be like scarlet, they may become white as snow; Though they be red like crimson, they may become white as wool. -Isaiah 1:18

Daily Mass Reading for 3/10/2020: The day of my tattoo removal

Loving the skin I’m in. I’ve gone through phases with this concept. Over the years I’ve come to embrace my milky complexion, my freckled cheeks, even the silvery stretch marks on my thighs but one thing I always loved was my tattoos. Continue reading “All Things New”

See Yourself Through The Eyes of Love

Sunday morning I bundled up the kids & headed to Mass solo while my husband worked his 8th day in a row. I asked my oldest to help me wrangle the littles & prayed that things would go smoothly. Mass has been an exercise in humility lately trying to keep my 18 month old boy from bouncing out of the pews & not having my husband there as usual meant I was on my own this time.

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I Never Meant to be a Catholic Blogger, or Even a Catholic & Why I’m Staying Both

2018 was a purely experimental year for this blog and for my writing but, I knew that I wanted to share relatable and encouraging stories inspired by my life. It goes without saying that my spirituality encompasses and is at the heart of every experience I have and everything that I do. The love of God and the many forms that it takes in my life is always my inspiration. I knew that this truth would come through some in the creative storytelling style of my writing. Maybe in undertones. Maybe even overtones. What I didn’t plan on exactly was God taking over completely.

If you knew me ten or even five years ago, you may be surprised to see my zeal for God and the Church. Back then I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that I would be a holy water keeping, blessed candle lighting, novena saying, rosary wielding, joyful Catholic.
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Advent Reflection

We had the first snow of the season here a couple of weeks ago and this year I am determined to change my perspective on the cold and darker months. It really was a lovely snowfall.

My family baked, snuggled and went to bed early. I laid in the dark wrapped in my blanket, basking in the incredible silence that accompanies the flurries. I listened to the flakes piling up and the sound of a plow scraping down the street. The next day I decided to make my Advent wreath and cheerfully clipped and gathered the beautiful things that grow and dwell alongside us in our little woods.

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The Living Word

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not known for my organization! I find it really helpful to have lists and routines for myself and my family. Even if only followed loosely, I find that it helps us not to be so scattered. Some things you can allow to fall off the list and defer it to the next day but others are a must do!

As I was discussing my attempt at a more orderly home with my family I expressed the importance of making time to pray and read God’s Word each day. I told my 11-year-old daughter that she needs some form of the Word to be part of her day, each day whether it’s a devotional, church, music, or Sunday school–That night I suggested we watch a movie about the miracles of Jesus together.

My preteen rolled her eyes and sighed saying, “Mom, I know all of those stories! I’ve seriously heard them a hundred times! I already know everything!” My husband and I chuckled as I sighed and rolled my own eyes with exaggeration. I regrouped and explained to her that none of us will never know it all!

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Finding Time With God

Yesterday was tough. Really tough. It was one of those days. You know the kind. Where it all seems to be falling apart and you can barely keep it together. Where you run on coffee and adrenaline. One of those days that you just don’t stop. I knew there was a lot to do that day and wanted it to start off with some quiet time with God.

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Harvest Season

My husband is old fashioned and still likes to buy the paper. One morning as I was reading yesterday’s news over my coffee I saw an advertisement for a grand opening. In a nearby city, a trendy restaurant was holding a round of open interviews. They knew that once they were in business they would have a lot of demand but little staff. “No experience needed! Willing to train!” The ad exclaimed.

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