Catholic Books for Younger Kids: 7 favorites on our bookshelf right now!


As parents we know that reading with our kids is important & research has shown that even the youngest children benefit from listening to their parents reading out loud. Not only does it aid brain development & refine language skills, it also introduces important concepts to kids in an age appropriate way. I am always looking for ways to incorporate spirituality into our daily routine & faith-based books for younger kids are a great way to do just that!

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up & Easter just around the corner these seasonal picks are perfect companions for chocolate coins & Easter baskets. Without further ado, here are 7 favorite reads on our bookshelf right now (& links to get them on yours too!)

1. Father Ben Gets Ready for Mass
by Katie Warner, Illustrated by Meg Whalen, Published by Tan Books


This pick is number one for a reason! With familiar Mass scenes & an interactive prompt on each page it’s easy to see why it’s become my kids’ first choice for bedtime books. I was impressed with how informative & fun it is at the same time. We read it before Mass too & I pull it out in adoration when I see them getting squirmy. It would make the perfect gift for Easter, birthdays or Baptisms!

Find it on Amazon here.

2. The Wolf & the Shield

by Sherry Weaver Smith, Illustrations by Nicholas Mcnally, Published by Pauline Kids


This one is a chapter book that follows an 11 year old boy, Kiernan’s journey of self discovery with a wolf pup, an army & Saint Patrick himself! The chapters are short enough to read one or two out loud each night & there are enough illustrations  between chapters to keep little ones visually interested. This one is great for older kids too. The definitions at the beginning of the book & discussion questions at the end offer opportunities for education & reflection that we all enjoy. If you can get your older kids to read it to your younger kids all the better!

Find it on Amazon here.

3. Saintly Rhymes for Modern Times

Written & illustrated by Meghan Bausch, Published by Our Sunday Visitor


This book is at the top of the list for me because it combines so many things I love so beautifully: Saints, rhymes & art! This book is such a fun way to introduce your kids to a few beloved saints through easily digestible bits of their stories & stunning yet adorable depictions.

Find it on Amazon here.

4. The Monk’s Daily Bread

by Sylvia Dorham, Illustrated by Christopher Tupa, Published by Tan Books


This pick is another colorful, rhyming book that my kids just love! It’s a fun story about life inside of Archangel Monestary that delivers a message of trusting God to provide for our needs. I liked that it gives kids an idea of how religious communities live day to day & especially liked that it ends with a verse to memorize!

Find it on Amazon here.

5. Bridgid & the Butter

Retold by Pamela Love, Illustrated by Apryl Stott, Published by Pauline Kids


This adorable story about a young St. Bridgid is my daughter’s favorite & another story where St. Patrick makes a cameo. This book is a cheery reminder to follow Jesus’ example & put others first. The unexpected guest & miracle in her humble kitchen teach kids that trusting God is always the right choice & that his generosity can’t be outdone!

Find it on Amazon here.

6. Patrick & the Fire

by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky, Illustrated by Maggie Coburn, Published by Pauline Kids


This is another fun story about St. Patrick but this time he’s the star! The heroic example of standing up for what you believe in is accompanied by fun pictures & interesting characters. There is a prayer to St. Patrick in the front & a nice short biography in the back. Another beautiful job by Pauline Books!

Find it on Amazon here.

7. God Gave Us Easter

by Lisa Tawn Bergren, Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant, Published by Waterbrook Press


This last book is the Easter edition of the God Gave Us series of books. We have a few of these books featuring a cute polar bear cub & her family. We have a few of these books including God Gave Us You, God Gave Us Angels & my favorite not so subtle hint: God Gave Us Sleep!

Find it on Amazon here.

Have you read any of these picks? Do you have any great books that you’d add to this list? Share your favorites in the comments!

❤ Cait


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