At-Home Teeth Whitening: Getting My Smile Back With Smile Brilliant! (Review & Giveaway!)


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my love for coffee is well documented. Keeping up with my family of five requires a little pep in my step & I love nothing more than to start my day with a cup (or two!) & get moving.

As a blogger & writer, social media is an important aspect of getting eyes on my work. Photos help readers put a face to the words on the screen & that means putting myself in front of the camera from time to time. I was less than confident with my smile to the point where I held back. Instead of a genuine smile I preferred a smirk to hide my teeth.


Getting Started

When Smile Brilliant approached me about their at home teeth whitening system I wasn’t sure what to think but I knew that my love of coffee had done a number on my teeth. I’d used other whitening products in the past like strips & brush-off gels. They worked okay but, I still wasn’t happy with my smile. Expensive laser treatments & time consuming appointments are just aren’t an option for a busy mom like me. Smile Brilliant’s at-home whitening trays seemed like a happy medium. I figured I owed it to myself to give it a try & do something for me while I care for everyone else.


My Kit

When my kit arrived, I was excited. Anything that is customized feels special & gave me even more of a sense that I was doing something just for myself. The first thing I did was read all of the directions which were really straightforward & easy to follow.


My Trays

The impressions were easy to make & mail back in the envelope provided & it only took a few days for my custom fit trays to come back. The accuracy of the mold was impressive. I found the trays to be really comfortable. Unlike other gels where I was holding my lips open for as long as the whitening process took, the trays allowed me the comfort to close my mouth, speak, I even slept with them in a few times!


The Whitening Process

Because of my history of tooth sensitivity, desensitizing gel was included. The gel was easy to dispense with the syringes. A thin line of gel is all you need! I appreciated how it was to set up the trays, pop them on my teeth & go. You are able to whiten anywhere from 1-3 hours. I started with 1 hour but quickly worked my way up to 3 from there. My kit also came with desensitizing gel due to a history of tooth sensitivity. It was just as easy as the whitening gel to apply and only took 20/30 extra minutes which felt like nothing.


Whitening this way is a process. It takes a few weeks & some hours invested. It doesn’t give you the full result overnight but I could see the stains lifting in the tray on my first application. By the third application I was seeing results that I would hope for at the end of my old gel’s regimen. I wasn’t sure it could get better than that but it did!


The Confidence

As the stains continued lifting from my teeth something else happened too. I was smiling more. I was grinning in photos, I was laughing with baristas & check-out clerks, I went on Instagram live for the first time with a fellow blogger friend & felt comfortable to smile & show the joy in my heart without a care!


My Results


As you can see, I had a really great result. I honestly didn’t know how much I could benefit from a custom at-home whitening system. It was perfect for me because most of the process was done after the kids were in bed & in the morning there is nothing to do but brush as usual & enjoy your bright new smile!

Final Thoughts

Smile Brilliant was the most effective whitening system I’ve tried. The process was seamless & the results speak for themselves. I would recommend this to anyone looking to freshen up their look & gain a boost of confidence. Whitening is great because it doesn’t change who you are at all. It doesn’t reshape your teeth or bleach them out. Instead it brings teeth back to their natural shade & highlights the beauty that’s already there.


It’s Your Turn!

Now that you’ve seen my at home professional teeth whitening journey it’s time to try it for yourself! Click here to enter into a giveaway to win your own complete Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit! It’s worth a shot since if you don’t happen to win you still receive a special discount just for entering!

15% off store wide code: prayersoverthekitchensink15


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