Bumpkin Pumpkin: We Tried This Cute Pinterest Trend

The Great Bumpkin Pumpkin! My preteen saw this cute and simple fall craft on Pinterest a while ago and couldn’t stop talking about it! She bugged me for weeks saying we just had to do it with her little brother because it was too cute!


His name is Billy so we spent a few weeks saying “Billy’s Little Bumpkin” and giggling in anticipation of this craft. It is an adorable and humorous way to mark the memory of your baby’s first Fall!

I love the look of simple stamp projects like this! They make heartfelt gifts, cost almost nothing to make and are easy and fun for everyone involved.

I made this cute stamp art on a mini canvas as a gift for my husband this past father’s day and it now hangs on the gallery wall in my living room.


My oldest daughter is a naturally talented artist and sometimes she takes her work too seriously but, as you can see it’s best not to stress about making it perfect. Whenever I feel like a craft turns out differently then what I ideally had in mind I just shrug it off and say “it’s rustic!” 🙂

I made the stamp above just a few weeks after my son was born and wanted to press his hand onto the canvas but he was still all balled up and I wanted to avoid paint on his hand so we went with his foot! It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but now it is an inside joke, “Hand, hand, Foot!” The point being that what we’re going for here isn’t a perfect finished product but a fun experience and a great memory!


The pin she saw was done on a ceramic plate but I used canvas. I got three 8×10 boards for under $2.00 and grabbed a $0.50 tube of pumpkin orange craft paint (I got everything at the craft section of Walmart).

We had our surfaces covered in newspaper already because we were carving pumpkins too. I definitely suggest draping the area you plan to do it because so this craft is quick and simple it still has the potential to go left and get messy fast.

Fill baby’s tub ahead of time so you can rinse the paint off and get a diaper back on ASAP!


My husband held the baby and I painted his “bum”pkin! Just like a stencil, I found that with this project less is more when it comes to paint. I ended up doing two because my application was a little heavy handed and the second one came out much better. The first canvas “blotted” the bum and left the right amount of paint for the second attempt to come out perfectly!



My kids paint over and reuse canvases in our house so it wasn’t a big deal but maybe have a paper towel or paper plate nearby to blot on instead if you are looking to save materials.

After that we really made it look like a pumpkin by finishing it off with a stem, a leaf and some curly cues.



What kid-friendly Fall crafts have you tried this year? Comment you favorites below!

❤ Cait


Author: Cait Winters

I'm Cait, a Massachusetts mom of 3 living in a small, woodsy town with my kids, husband and dog. I'm a freelance writer, aspiring author and poet at heart who loves writing about the wonders of the simple life. Email: cswinters15@gmail.com

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